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Friday, January 21, 2011

Is Immigration Reform the New Civil Rights Movement?

There is a continuing desire to create a second class society in which new arrivals have fewer privileges including driver's licenses, voting for candidates that reflect their values and possession of basic documents.

After the US imprisoned people in Guantanamo Bay without access to an attorney or judge, we know the extent our government is willing to go to oppress others.

When the opposition is "offended" by parallels, they represent a class of selfish people who have theirs and don't want others to have anything.

Every right minded person must protest the injustice immigrants live under, no matter their race. http://blo­­gcritics.­o­rg/polit­ic­s/artic­le/­breaki­ng-c­olora­do-in­trod­uces-a­riz­ona-sb-­10­70/
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