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Monday, January 24, 2011

Second Man Dies, Arizona Refuses Health Care, Gov. Brewer Saves Buck!

This article originally was published as Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Strips Medical Care For Poor; People Dying on Blog critics, by Tim Paynter

Prologue:  When news about SB 1070 broke out, most of us thought we were dealing with a rational, although conservative, Arizona legislature.  Little did any of us realize the monsters we were really dealing with.  Gov. Jan Brewer, Russell Pearce and a host of their cronies are willing to go to extreme lengths to keep themselves in power and to oppress those who are not.  I didn’t realize these people would actually go to the point of killing people.  The evidence is now in.  A man has died because conservatives refused his bone marrow transplant.

If they are willing to kill citizens to save a buck, what are they willing to do for the immigrant community?  What will it take from out side to let them know hate has a price?  We must at all time maintain a peaceful presence in our peaceful resistance.  However, I have concluded, we need to be much more in their faces and much more militant than we have been to date.

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Let these guys know hate costs!

Here is the article:


A few days ago, governor Jan Brewer (R-AZ) signed the Medicaid waiver request that could put medical care out of the reach of 300,000 people. Why that is news to anyone is surprising to me. Sure, the actual signing of the waiver is a little newsy, since Arizona rushed to make headlines by being the first state in the union to ask for it.  But we already knew Gov. Jan Brewer cares nothing about the poor people she has been elected to govern.  There is nothing new in that.


The real news happened November 28th, 2010, when 37-year-old Mark Price died because the state of Arizona refused to pay for his bone marrow transplant.  At the last minute, a private citizen offered to pay the $250K for the operation, but it was too little too late.  The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCS), basically a committee, had refused to pay for the bone marrow swap a month earlier, citing budget cuts.


Price reportedly begged Gov. Brewer for the funds to do the transplant and save his life.  There is no she even so much as batted an eyebrow with her resounding no.  Price would not be the first to die under the new Arizona austerity rules. Another patient died in June of 2010 because he too was not able to get a transplant.






Since the Arizona governor is unwilling to fund life-saving health care, why should we be surprised when Gov. Brewer boots hundreds of thousands of poor people out of the medical system for runny noses and the flu? In fact, after seeing how cold-blooded the Arizona ruling class is, expecting these elected officials to take a positive step towards social issues like health care or immigration reform is like whistling Dixie!


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Meanwhile, during the lame duck session, U.S. Senate Republicans signed a “no vote pact,” refusing to vote on nearly all laws including the START Nuclear Missile Treaty until the Democrats caved in and gave the Republicans a massive unfunded tax cut. Perhaps the crowd in Paradise Valley with their million-dollar homes will spend their $139,000 tax cut wisely.  The U.S. Congress handed every single person who nets a million dollars in income that much!  Heck, it would only have taken the generosity of two millionaires to save Mark Price's life!


valenzuela secure communities 028

Two Colorado Viet Nam Veterans face deportation.  They want to go to Washington DC to bring the message of reform to the President!  Please support Manuel and Valente Valenzuela!




Lest you think this is only a problem for the poor, beware. As the baby boomers come into their golden years they will face a host of unanticipated medical problems. For the unfortunate, after catastrophic medical expenses eat through the insurance, the state will require all of your savings. If you still want to receive life-saving treatment you will have to sell your cars and finally even your home. In the old days, after you had spent everything you had, the state would take care of you through Medicaid.  The message from the rich kids is, if you run out of money in Arizona today you are dead meat.


In the old days, legislators were expected to consider the needs of all people who lived in their jurisdictions. A new conservative class is making sure it takes care of the people who count. To them, money counts, campaign contributions count, influence counts. If you don’t qualify as one of the super-rich then you had better have fantastic insurance, because poor people don’t count.


Here is the real news.  Gov. Brewer and her pals are playing for keeps.  They will let poor people die without transplants instead of reallocating the money they are squandering defending SB 1070, the most vicious anti-immigrant law in history, which is costing millions to defend.  Chasing starving Mexicans through the desert and getting big headlines for lawmakers count more than the desperately poor citizens of the state of Arizona. 


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