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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


The governor of New Mexico is holding true to her promise to make life tough for undocumented workers.  Certain GOP law makers, in what Jeb Bush calls increasing stupid moves, is declaring war on Latino voters.  The party seems ignorant of the reality that Latino voters will make up the largest voting block within 15 years.  As law after conservative law is rolled out saying “Brown not welcome here”, the party alienates future voters. 

The following article was first published as N.M. Gov. Susana Martinez Declares War On Undocumented Workers, Licenses on Technorati by Tim Paynter.

If undocumented workers thought a Latina governor of New Mexico was a good thing, they are soundly mistaken. There is a new sheriff in town and she has declared war on undocumented workers. Governor Susana Martinez (R-NM) plans on revoking driver’s licenses issued to immigrants, according to an article in the Sonoran

Martinez is concerned about the refugees fleeing the state of Arizona after conservative law makers passed the most vicious anti-immigrant law in history, SB 1070. The law requires police to detain all people suspected of being in the country without documents.

Any person who leaves their wallet at home is subject to arrest and a stay in the county jail until authorities can contact ICE and determine citizenship. Hispanics oppose the law because they believe the persons who will be detained the most is them.

Portions of SB 1070 were held unconstitutional, although the balance of the law went into effect. Arizona is spending millions of dollars defending SB 1070 while cutting services to tax payers.  Meanwhile, the state lost $141 million in just four months due to a boycott and bad press, according to the


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According to Health Answer, former governor Bill Richardson banned department of motor vehicle staff from asking about the immigration status of undocumented workers. The result was a marked increase in the number of insured motorist, as undocumented workers protected their right to drive by purchasing insurance.  Police officers are also able to easily identify undocumented workers with licenses during traffic stops, just as they do with citizens.

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The Sonoran quotes Martinez as saying, “We cannot just have a path to citizenship created when there are people in line already doing the proper things.”

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The reference to “people in line” is to a select few immigrants who qualify for visas or permanent residency.  However, the majority of undocumented immigrants in the country will never qualify to remain in the United States under current immigration law. Congress has set a quota on how many people from each country may migrate to the U.S. While there are exceptions for marriage and immigrants with college degrees, the average Mexican with no education will never qualify. For millions of people who have invested in businesses and purchased homes in the U.S., the line does not exist.

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Meanwhile, conservative Washington State law maker Sen. Jim Honeyford, R-Yakima Valley is proposing proof of legal status in order to obtain a driver’s license in that state, says the Spokesman Review. Washington State, New Mexico and Utah allow undocumented workers at least some type of driver’s license.

Few other states have followed suit in welcoming undocumented workers.  The GOP in the United States House proposed a series of anti-immigrant laws, Tuesday, January 17th, 2010, including revoking the driving privileges of immigrants who have been issued a deportation order.  That would leave potentially legal immigrants without a license for years while they fight aggressive anti-immigrant sentiments in the courts.

If Gov. Susana Martinez has her way, refugees from Arizona may want to consider other places to re-locate, although they are getting few and far between.  New Mexico, Arizona, Florida, Washington State, Colorado, Texas, Virginia and Nebraska are some of the states who have or are threatening laws making life for undocumented immigrants impossible. 

Today, GOP legislatures in Colorado announced their plan to roll out an Arizona SB 1070 style law which constitutes an open assault on immigrants, most of whom are Hispanic.  The move could plunge Colorado into expensive law suits at a time when the state is forced to cut the budget for tax payer services.  Latino groups, including the Colorado Immigrant’s Rights Coalition (CIRC) will likely respond in mass.  Colorado could easily suffer millions of dollars in lost business as tourists avoid the state for less controversial and more racial friendly destinations.  Meanwhile, many people are wondering how the Republican Party has gone down the path of openly offending an entire generation of young, future voters, in an attempt to appease an aging conservative class who, through the natural aging process, will decline in numbers.

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