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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Excuse me, that is a rip!

When is enough enough?  The question for a wealthy country must always be posed.  It is only human nature to fill our own cups brimming full before we share a drop with others.  Yet, the thinking has caused immense world suffering.  It is also human nature to be greedy, and claim our cups are never full!

On the other hand, when we pay for something or work for something and don’t get the benefit of our bargain, then we feel cheated.  Employers have been cheating undocumented workers for years.

Now, we are on the verge of cheating our very country.  We resent the participation of the poor.  We ask for their work, we insist on great wage prices, but we don’t want them to enjoy the fruits their labor has brought to us all.  We are only willing to give a little.

What we lose is an entire generation which will contribute to society.  They will pay taxes.  They will discover cures for diseases.  They will care for baby boomers.  They will cast a positive stone for the our futures if we let them.

Let’s quit being a land in which our glasses are half full!  let’s fill em up by filling up the glasses of others first!  How is that for “trickle down” economics?

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