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Saturday, October 16, 2010

V.P. for Molson-Coors, Distributor of Corona Beer, Backs Anti-immigrant Candidate Tom Tancredo


Article first published as Chairman of Partner to Corona Beer Backs Anti Immigrant Candidate For Governor on Technorati.

Colorado Gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo, the arch enemy of undocumented workers, reportedly has a new supporter.  Latino voters may be surprised to hear, Tancredo’s supporter is none other than Pete Coors, Chairman Of The Board of Molson-Coors, which distributes Corona and Modelo Beer.  During his appearance on conservative talk radio with Dan Kaplis and Craig Silverman on October 15th, Tancredo invited listeners to a fund raiser he says Coors is hosting for him.


 pete coors

Pete Coors, Chairman of Molson-Coors from

company website

Latino voters know Tancredo as a bitter enemy of undocumented immigrants.  His campaign ad called “Just watch me” is striking fear in the Latino community.

“I’ll stop illegal immigration cold” Tancredo says. “For those who say it can’t be done, just watch me!”

arpaio sm

In 2007 Tancredo ran an ad which alienated Latino voters when it ”warned mothers about illegal immigrants raping kids.”  More recently, he claimed Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor was a member of La Raza…”a Latino KKK” and ran an ad which ties undocumented workers to terrorists.


Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Tancredo friend hosted Denver fundraiser for the Tancredo campaign


Tancredo, who is a former member of the House of Representatives from Colorado, lobbied the Arizona legislature for the passage of the toughest anti-immigration law passed in decades.  That law, known as S.B. 1070, earned Arizona national boycotts and alienated Latino voters.  Part of S.B. 1070 was ruled unconstitutional and another part was enjoined from enforcement pending litigation expected to last years and cost the state millions.  Most boycotts remain in effect.


tancredo i Ted Tancredo

On September 27th, Tancredo friend, Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona’s Maricopa County, who is a nationally known foe of undocumented immigrants, hosted a Tancredo fundraiser in Denver.  Arpaio gained fame by humiliating undocumented workers, forcing them to wear pink underwear and live in tents in the 140 degree desert heat.  He has refused to cooperate with a Department of Justice investigation for human rights abuses against Latino prisoners.  His authority to use the federal ICE program 287g was withdrawn over alleged abuses.


documentos para todos Father Protests Unfair Immigration Denver ICE


While Latino voters might be surprised Pete Coors supports an anti-immigrant candidate for governor, the Mexican brewers might be even more surprised.  Grupo Modelo S.A.B de C.V., who makes the popular Modelo Beer, announced Molson-Coors had been chosen to distribute their brands in the U.K. and Canada only 7 days before Tancredo announced the fundraiser by the Molson-Coors Chairman Of The Board. 

Pete Coors is not the only Colorado brewer to support Tancredo.  The Colorado Statesman says great grandson John Coors and his wife Sharna, each donated $525.00.  Both Pete Coors and John Coors are heirs to the Adolph Coors brewing empire.

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