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Sunday, October 17, 2010

College Student on Sarah Palin

It is encouraging to me our young people are informed.  Unfortunately, the immigration issue is so complicated it raises issues.

For example, if an undocumented son, let’s call him Jose, who came here at age 1 is deported when he is 15, he will have no family ties in a foreign land.  He may not speak the language, and will be left to his own wits.  Is that the way compassionate people treat others?



Let’s say the youth was born here but his mother was not.  If she gets deported then she will have a tough decision to make.  If she takes Jose with her back to Mexico then a U.S. citizen grows up in Mexico without knowing anything about U.S. culture, customs or laws.  When he returns, as is his right, he could have a hard time fitting in.  Is that wise?

Those of us who grew up without a parent can tell you how traumatic it is.  If the mother leaves the child with relatives, he will be forced to grow up without a mom.  This is a no win situation.

These are some of the issues we must think about when we ask people to go home and “get in line”.  For an un-educated Mexican person with few resources, there is no line.  They can’t come at all.  She can’t come at all.  He can’t come at all.  Many can’t come at all.

For those who do qualify, the line can be up to 14 years.  Most of us are unhappy with a two hour wait in line at Wallmart.  Not many people can put their lives on hold for 14 years!

Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) provides for border security first.  It adds many agents to our border patrol, it beefs up the nation’s sea ports.  It secures the border.  It gives Lou Dobbs and Sean Hannity everything they have been asking for.  CIR includes the Dream Act.



Pedro Lopez with Promise Arizona




At the tail end of the law is a small section which allows undocumented workers who qualify to apply for a path to legalization.  They must first pass a background check, pay a fine which when totaled could equal $3 billion to the U.S. treasury, and go through a long term wait.  In the meantime, each person is identified, and gets a driver’s license so the police can better identify him.  The candidate can get automobile insurance.  All society benefits when every driver is insured.

Promise Arizona and other groups are working towards registering voters in Arizona done for this year and getting out the vote (gotv), still lots to do!  The same kinds of efforts are going on as we speak throughout the country.  Why not get involved right now! 

Call your senator and tell him you support CIR!  Go vote for candidates who support unity instead of division.  The future is in your hands.  Let’s get this done and move ahead with the many other problems facing the nation!  Let’s work towards a united country and stop the ugly quarrels which pit one against another! 


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