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Vote 4 immigration reform! Call your senator!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Why we must pass immigration reform today! Call your senator, call your mother, call someone! But call!

Did you



  • Undocumented workers WANT to pay income tax if we will let them?
  • Passing immigration reform will allow us to issue drivers licenses to millions of undocumented workers, thereby identifying them and allowing them to acquire automobile insurance?
  • During the ICE raids at the swift processing plant in Colorado suspected undocumented workers were forced to sit for over 8 hours, not allowed to use the bathroom forcing some of them to defacate in their pants
  • The first section in the proposed immigration bill addresses border security and requires the issuance of body armor for all border patrol agents?
  • The child of an undocumented immigrant can’t go to college even though he may have been born in the US or came here as a child?  The chain of poverty continues.
  • The proposed legislation is NOT amnesty.  It requires those who want to come into compliance with current immigration laws to pay a healthy fine, pass a background check, and will take over six years to complete.
  • The labor needs to support the baby boomers in retirement cannot be met by the younger generation.  We have to bring in younger workers to fill lower paying jobs. 
  • Every day a child comes home from school to find his mother in immigration detention?  Every day a boy wakes up to find his father deported and his mother desperate for money for food?  Both children will likely grow up without one of their parents.
  • Immigration reform is not a Latino issue.  It is a matter which affects every race, culture, age, sexual orientation and an entire nation which is fair minded in the human rights of others. 
  • We are about 4 votes away from passing immigration reform.  It is critical you call your senator and congressman today!
  • In Colorado, we wonder where is Senator Mark Udall.  He could be a leader in the immigration rights discussion.  Please call Senator Udall and tell him you support immigration reform and he must ACT NOW!  Or he must find a new occupation.  Please call him at 877-7-MUDALL (877-768-3255).
  • Don’t worry if the good senator does not answer, LEAVE A MESSAGE!  They are counting calls!
  • Contact Senator Udall by email here: Senator Mark Udall by email
  • Your calls and emails do count!  You might be the caller who makes the one last call needed to convince Senator Udall or another senator to join the pro-immigration fight!

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