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Friday, April 16, 2010

2 Billion dollars FREE! Really! See how to quality...rifa, cir, Reform Immigration For America

Reform Immigration For America (RIFA)

says to make an extra few BILLION dollars for the treasury we should:

Pass comprehensive immigration reform!

Undocumented immigrants are unable to get a social security number.  They would be happy to pay taxes if someone would just give them the chance! Those taxes could add up to BILLIONS of dollars!

We need your help right away!  Your efforts count!

Please fill out this blank tax form to show Senator Hutchison how much we are losing by not passing comprehensive immigration reform (CIR)!  When more money gets paid each of us pays less!

Where or where did Senator Mark Udall go?

 Please email him and ask him to support comprehensive immigration reform!  Trust me...Trust me...
Trust me...every email counts!

Or call and leave a message
ask him for his support or ask him why he is silent
on the immigration issue rather being a leader?

877-7-MUDALL      (877-768-3255)= Colorado Residents
P: 202-224-5941= Every one else

F: 202-224-6471= Or Fax him...
Your call or vote could easily be the ONE that caused Senator Udall to become a leader on this critical matter, and allow millions of undocumented workers to pay billions into the treasury!
Reform Immigration For America is a coalition of immigration advocates including Chinese, Latino, Bi-Transgender-Gay community, refugees, abused women, farm workers and a multi-generational contingent of concerned citizens.

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