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Monday, April 19, 2010

Arizona passes immigration hate law; if you are undocumented leave now!


As many immigrant and human rights organizations watched in fear, the Arizona legislature passed the most aggressive hate based law towards immigrants in



Governor Jan Brewer Enjoys Playing Ball

United States of America.  The law called HB 1070 turns every state patrolman, sheriff, police officer and even dog catcher migration and customs enforcement officer (ICE).  The law will pull significant law enforcement resources away from pursuing more serious crimes.

The law makes it a misdemeanor to be in the state of Arizona without documentation.  Law enforcement is responsible for ascertaining the immigration status of every person they suspect is undocumented.  In the event a particular branch of law enforcement, say a local police department or sheriff’s office, fails to enforce the law they are subject to civil suit by citizen watch groups.

The last step in implementing the law is signature by Govern Jan Brewer.  Since the vote for the law fell along party lines, Republicans voted for the law and Democrats voted against, it is expected Republican Governor Brewer will sign the law.

If you are undocumented or out of immigration status and live in Arizona you should think about leaving RIGHT NOW.  It is better to leave on your own than have a police officer detain you and find yourself deported.  Best come into conformance with the law by leaving an area where your presence is considered illegal and going to a place where it is not against state law.  That is about anywhere in the United States except Arizona.  Every case is different so be sure to speak to your attorney.  

If you are a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident then we invite you to join in the protests against this unjust legislation.  This is not just an immigration issue.  This is a human rights issue and the conscience of a nation which treats other fairly.  The discrimination is based upon national origin and socio-economic status. 

The sad truth is, Arizona does not want poor people in their state.  Maybe they will be content sending their kids to wash dishes instead of sending them to college.  There is likely to be such a labor shortage that it might be more lucrative to wash dishes than be an engineer or lawyer and pay back student loans for an eternity.

 “If you are an undocumented worker and the victim of crime DON’T CALL 911!”

Think about the consequences of this law, HB 1070.  Let’s say your daughter is raped.  She cries in your arms.  If you are undocumented you can’t call the police!  The whole family will be deported and the trash that violated your little girl will get away with it, since the only witness will be in Mexico!

If you are an undocumented worker and the victim of crime DON’T CALL 911!  Asking for help from the local police department will be a risky venture.  Arizona will be a great place for child molesters so long as they prey on immigrant children!

Whether or not you like undocumented workers, surely you don’t want your country to be the one that places people in so much fear they are not able to call the police when a rape occurs!  With a police force that far out of control, who will be next once the undocumented worker has been removed?  

Meanwhile, Sheriff Sheriff Joe Arpaio is ready with his goon squad of 900 police officers doing the duty of ICE.  He has promised the biggest raids in history over the next two weeks.  I am not sure who is going to be patrolling for drug dealers, thief's and rapist because nearly every cop in the county is destined for a witch hunt for poor people.

There is an easy solution.  Paragraph 101 of the comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) bill to be placed in front of Congress calls for defense of the border.  It requires provision of Body Armor for every border patrol agent on the force. 


Meeting_with_Aquino_1_07_p10wb_thumbnail Padres and Jovenes

They call it comprehensive reform because it addresses other immigration issues, as well.  These include how to make sure every motorist on the road has insurance, what to do with the 13,000,000 fathers and mothers and children who are here.  How about making sure all children have a right to school, the Freedom to Learn Campaign  is supported by Padres y Jovenes and how to bring in enough labor to satisfy the needs of retiring baby boomers!

 JanBrewer_Portrait_Padding Governor Jan Brewer

It is with great sadness I report this ugly legislation to you.  Are we a free nation?  Or will we go down in history as allowing one of the biggest witch hunts since the father land?

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