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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

May Day! May Day! CIR, yes sir! RIFA works with CIRC! Immigrants and friends speak out about justice and freedom for all! May Day is the day of action!



Reform Immigration For America

has some suprises in mind for you!

May day!  May Day!

Come join us in the festivities!

National marches in cities all over the nation!


Las Vegas, Nevada!

There are RIFA marches all over the country!

Find one near you!

If you want a common-sense solution to our broken immigration system that strengthens equal opportunity and the rule of law, treats hardworking immigrant families with respect and dignity, and moves all communities and families in America forward together… join us.

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a word about what she said, except she did tell me I could talk about their efforts on May Day!

There will be marches all over the country.  Thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, will come out in force asking for rational immigration reform.  There are marches and events planned for nearly every major city in the U.S. and the number of marches are counting.

We need your support on this critical issue.  It could go to Congress in 2010, but only if we put maximum effort into the cause!

Just watch, and keep up with the latest events.  Why not subscribe to this blog so you get the most recent details?  What a wonderful way to practice democracy!

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