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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Senator Harry Reid holds on immigration – needs support to stay in office – Latino vote critical, RIFA and CIR support needed


     Senator Harry Reid promised a crowd gathered by the Reform Immigration For America (RIFA) movement, in Las Vegas on April 10th, 2010 he would make immigration reform the next issue in front of congress if he could.

     Senate Majority Leader Reid warned about a huge road block for introduction of the popular legislation:  The retirement of the nearly 90 year old Justice John Paul Stevens from the U.S. Supreme Court will shift discussion from immigration reform to the appointment of the next supreme court judge.

     Meanwhile, Senator Reid is in for a tough re-election campaign.  He desperately needs the Latino vote to balance the conservative voice which wants to quash immigration reform forever.  It is critical anyone who wants to see Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) pass as envisioned by Senator Luis Gutierrez, then they must assist Senator Reid in his re-election efforts.

     We must also hold Senator Reid’s feet to the fire on immigration reform.  It is still possible proposed legislation can be put in front of congress this year.  Your phone calls, letters and emails to your elected representatives is critical.

     Immigration reform activists have been waiting over 15 years for rational immigration reform.  It has taken a moment in history to compile a pro-immigration congress with enough votes to pass the legislation.  The loss of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid may shatter hopes for CIR reform any time soon.


You can read about the Las Vegas Rally here!

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