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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tea Party opposes border security “Congressman” Tom Tancredo backs right wing group

Mis-characterization places

border patrol officers at risk

     The name sounds cute, Alipac, and the words sound encouraging: Americans For Legal Immigration PAC.  Some of their literature may be confused with that of the Reform Immigration For Amercia by stating it's goal of legalizing immigration.  The reality is, Alipac is nothing more than an ugly front designed to confuse voters and derail border security. 

     The Tea Party mis-characterizes Comprehensive Immigration Reformpolice officer (CIR) by calling it “Amnesty” after the program supported by Republican President Ronald Reagan in the 1980’s.  The reality is, CIR strengthens the borders starting with it’s very first paragraph.  The Act introduced into the House of Representatives titles HR 4321 states:

“SEC. 101. …(1) the Secretary of Homeland Security should establish a national strategic plan for short-term and long-term border security with improved accountability and transparency in agency functions”

The act further calls for:
  • SEC. 113. $1,000,000,000 (that is billion) for IMPROVING PORTS OF ENTRY FOR BORDER SECURITY AND OTHER PURPOSES EACH YEAR FROM 2010 T0 2014;

    (a) Personal Equipment-
        (1) BODY ARMOR- The Secretary shall ensure that every agent is issued high-quality body armor that is appropriate for the climate and risks faced by the agent. vinelanders social club (2) WEAPONS- The Secretary shall ensure that agents are equipped with weapons that are reliable and effective to protect themselves, their fellow agents, and innocent third parties from the threats posed by armed criminals.

          The radical thinking of the Tea Party and apostles of the Tancredo mentality will deny increased U.S. border security and adequate armaments to our border patrol.  Such conservative thinking could actually cost lives.  It is sad to note, white supremacist groups including the Vinelanders Social Club and anti-semites now support this fringe group called Alipac.

        • s-TANCREDO-large Meanwhile, “Congressman” Tancredo thinks the solution is to militarize the border.  Gun advocates and the NRA beware.  The military is not partial to armed citizens. 
        Tom Tancredo not trusted by Dick Armey
        The truth is, Tom Tancredo was a congressman but Colorado voted him out of office after he grabbed headlines with radical points of view.  The Tea Party continues in it’s mischaracterizations by using "Congressman" Tancredo as their draw card for events.  As an indication to his extremist point of view, Tancredo ripped John McCain as a Liberal
        Frankly, I give most tea party members more credit than that.  I hope they can tell the difference between an active member of congress and an extremist with a point of view so radical it cost him his seat in the legislature.
        Reform Immigration For America (RIFA) and the Comprehensive Immigration Bill introduced by Senator Luis Gutierrez solves border security and at the same time provides a solution to the millions of undocumented workers who are in the U.S.  It is far from amnesty and allows a path to legalization only after payment of a hefty fine and a background check.  The process will take many years to complete.
        Republicans who support Tancredo and his Tea Party will have a tough battle when re-election rolls around.  Most Republicans breathed a deep sigh when Tancredo was voted out of office.  Republican Dick Armey Recently called Tancredo a destructive voice.
        CIR needs your immediate support.  Don’t put a border patrol
        agent’s life at risk for the sake of conservative talk radio.  Contact your senator and representatives to support the law. 
        One senator whose voice has been silent on immigration issues is Colorado Democratic Senator Mark Udall.  His lack of leadership leaves Colorado out of the immigration discussion and is disconcerting.  A fair portion of his voting base is Latino.
        Suffice it to say, his silence will likely cost him votes.  You can voice your opinion to Senator Udall by calling 877-768-3255.  email comments here

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