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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Singer Song-Writer Suzanne Morales Stands Up For Dream


Composer and vocalist for the salsa band “La Candela” writes a song for those suffering from a broken immigration system.

“I had no idea someone with the reputation and capabilities of Suzanne Morales would answer my ad seeking vocalists and musicians to perform on my radio show, Un Dia Sin Fronteras, A Day Without Borders” Denver talk show host Tim Paynter said Sunday.

un dia iv 060

Shiru420 plays to the camera

“Suzanne kept writing me to tell me the song was in the works, but it just caught me by surprise!” Paynter continued, elated.

un dia iv 065

Tim Paynter, activist, radio show host

The talk show host had placed an ad in a local on-line news service seeking people who would sing or use their voice in support of immigration reform.

“We say, ‘Strike a note for freedom’” Paynter said. 

According to Paynter, the idea was to take some existing songs and change the verses.  The first person who applied was a talented 16 year old girl who sang an emotional rendition of “La Bamba” to new lyrics.

“Para cruzar la frontea” she sang.  “To cross the border, you need a lot of money and a good coyote”. 

Paynter said it was a great first start in what has been an out-pouring of support for Dream students and immigrants facing the injustice of a broken immigration system. 

morales sm

“You can imagine how surprised I was when the winner of the ASCAPlus award for top Latina composer, Suzanne Morales, showed up at my door.” Paynter said.  The composer has placed songs on 6 prime time TV shows in 2009 and 2010.  

“When I told Suzanne about the project she became very excited” Paynter continued.  “She went to work right away!” 

Paynter said Suzanne, who is the child of an immigrant brought to the US from the Colombian plains when he was 17, was stricken with the injustice of the system.  The singer-song writer had an immediate    

                      Suzanne Morales    

understanding of the plight of the undocumented, after growing up with her missionary father who worked throughout Latin America when Suzanna was a youth. 

The song writer said she was not up for marching or protesting, at least not yet, but she could write a song for those who fear going to church and to school because they may be picked up by an aggressive immigration enforcement policy on the part of the Department of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  With the signing of the Secure Communities Memorandum by outgoing Gov. Bill Ritter, life for undocumented immigrants has become dangerous in Colorado.

album cover

Suzanne Morales

Morales collaborated with local musicians Manuel Molina (Peru) Lead Guitar, Manuel Gascon (Mexico) Electric Base, and Frank Ayala (United States) with percussion using Home Studio.

Paynter said the song will air on Un Dia Sin Fronteras on Monday, June 13th, 2011 at noon, Mountain Standard Time.  The radio station is 1150 am.  For those who are out of the area, the program can be heard on  Push the “On Air” button.  Comments are welcome at 303.337.1150.

Of course, a musician of this caliber won’t be caught resting on her laurels.  Suzanne has an 11 piece Salsa band called La Candela.  They play venues throughout Colorado.  They will be at the City Park Jazz event on June 26th, 6- 8pm.  Suzanne will also be performing with Manuel Molina on July 1rst, 5:30- 7:30 at Belmar, a free concert.  When Suzanne is not working on her music projects she fosters death row dogs.  

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