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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dreamer Seeks Funding For Dreamer


A Dreamer Wants To Make A Film About Dreamers, And The Plight of Immigrants!  He asks for your help!


I received the following letter on facebook:

A Message From Jesse Salmeron:

“Last year, a friend of mine graduated from college with highest honors.  He thrived during his collegiate career and he is one of those talented individuals you know is destined for great things.  Yet, despite his abilities, he is now working as a day laborer.  With all he has to offer, he cannot utilize his education. 

jessee pic

He is undocumented and there is nothing he can do about his status.

There are literally millions of stories similar to his; I know many other “Dreamers” like him.  I too could have faced this impossible obstacle, but I was one of the fortunate ones.  I came to this country undocumented at the age of three but was granted refugee status.

The hopelessness in the eyes of my friends have inspired this story. 

I had to write a script that showed the disappointment and pain of their bleak situation.  That script is Dreamer.



Let’s Pass

The Dream ACT



And now I proudly present our film to you and hope you will help us make this film that, through its poignant depiction of the hopeless plight of these people, has the potential for real change.  Please help us spread awareness of their tragic situation by supporting our fundraising campaign. 

We can’t do it without your help!

Short synopsis:

Dreamer is a narrative feature film about Joe Rodriguez an All-American young man. He's amiable, well-educated and attractive. He's graduated from college and is working and excelling in his field. He's on the way to achieving the American Dream. That is until his employer discovers his undocumented status and the life he's worked so hard for begins to crumble around him. He must face the possibility of losing his livelihood, his family and, even, himself.

A beautiful portrait of a talented young Latino professional.

Dreamer opens a window into the reality of many who, because of one insurmountable obstacle, find it impossible to achieve their dreams.  Even though Joe was raised in the United States for all but the first few years of his life—and considers himself American—he must live with the constant fear of deportation from the country he loves to a place he has never known.  The film transcends racial lines and illuminates the immigration debate for what it is: a tragedy that effects all Americans.



Please Support This Project!


This is a powerful film of love, of hope and of what it truly means to be American. 

This is a film about an individual who, through no fault of his own, must exist in a limbo status with no possible way out.  We know our film will touch the hearts of many and has the potential to impact debate about the DREAM Act.

action dream team 

Please help us tell their story.

Planning for the project is already attracting an exciting group of individuals, and with this type of momentum we are ready to move forward.  Your contributions will ensure this film makes it to production.  This is too great of a script, too talented of a cast and crew and too important of a story not to come together.  Thank you for your time and for your continued support!

If we are going to be successful in changing the world we must educate the educated ignorant.  That is an entire class of people who have a ton of education or opportunities, but don’g have a clue what is going on with our undocumented youth.  We don’t ask a child to educate himself.  We cannot ask an uninformed citizen population to educate themselves about undocumented people.  That is your job.  That is my job.  That is Jesse’s proposal. 



While it may be impractical for many people to go door to door talking about undocumented workers, it is not impractical to give a buck to a guy wants to bring the message in the form of a film.  Please donate to this great cause and help us change the world!

Jeremy Ray Valdez plays the part of Joe Rodriguez.  Valedez is a talented actor who brings the plight of the undocumented to life.


Jeremy Ray Valdez


At Un Dia Sin Fronteras, we advocate for erasing ignorance in those who are comfortable, and helping those who seek higher learning get an opportunity to improve themselves. 


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