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Friday, March 4, 2011

Eye Resist To Appear On Radio Suavecitas del Recuerdo, Colorado Asset

Members from Eye Resist to

meet with Suavecitas




assett studentssm

Colorado citizens are fed up with a slow moving congress and have proposed a short version of the Dream Act, sort of.  They call it Colorado Asset, or SB 126, because the idea is to keep the brightest people within the state of Colorado rather than sending them somewhere else.  Under the current system, after educating some of the brightest minds, the youths leave the state.  Unfortunately, the youth of undocumented immigrants not only are deprived college scholarships in the Rocky Mountain State, they must also pay out of state tuition rates even if they have lived in Colorado most of their lives.  That makes higher education nearly impossible. 


The new law will grant youth of undocumented workers in-state tuition rates but will still deprive them of most financial aid.  After Texas passed a similar bill the revenues to the state from tuition increased by $17 million dollars!  As proposed, the law that will help children who were brought to Colorado as young as one year of age won’t cost Colorado a dime, and will increase college coffers at a time when funds are desperate.  Not only will the students add diversity to the class room, their tuition contributions will likely make it possible for US citizen children to go to school.  Unlike the Dream Act, the law will not provide any path to citizenship.


Students from an activist group on the CU Boulder campus called Eye Resist will be in-studio Saturday at 11:00 a.m. to tell the community what it is all about.  Please tune your dial to 1150 am, and call to tell us what you think.  The phone line is 303.337.1150.  The program can also be heard by clicking on the side bar or following this link:  Eschuchanos en vivo! 



1150 am radio, Denver, Co


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