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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Crappy Jobs Caused by Plutocracy and Austerity

It is so true, and now it is time to invite all people into the job market, that includes the children of uncodument­ed workers, who were too young to understand what an unauthoriz­ed border crossing meant. All they were looking for was the next meal, certainly a long way off for them! Once these youths grow up American they find themselves unable to get into many schools, then find themselves lost in poverty. Little is left for them but gangs and a life of crime or extreme poverty.

The answer in Colorado is Colorado Asset. It is a program which will allow for students to get in-state tuition, but the students won't qualify for most forms of student aid. They will have to pay for college on their own dime. A similar effort passed in Texas with a $20 million gain to the school, an issue for Colorado!

We will be debating this more live on 1150 am radio in Denver, and wonder what your point of view is. If you are not in the Denver Market you can catch the show at http://imm­igrants2bf­ree.blogsp­­1/03/stude­nts-talk-a­bout-color­ado-asseti­n.html. We are on air Saturday at 11:00 to 12:00 mountain time! 303.337.11­50.

How tragic it is to watch a youth who could contribute to our society be trapped by an unfair system. The student has done nothing to do with it!@
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