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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Promise AZ leadership training to fight injustice


Last weekend was an important time in my life.  I had the chance to see a new leadership organization, Promise Arizona, or @promiseaz, train hundreds of new leaders.  The organization was born out of the Vigil at the capitol against SB 1070.  The new leaders are the Promise guarantee anti-immigration laws like this vicious one never pass again!



Promise Arizona is about three months new!  The idea is to capture the strength found when the community united to defend against SB 1070.  Promise wants to use that strength and energy to nurture new leaders.  Their immediate plan is to register new eligible Arizona voters.  By electing people who the community trusts, which with some luck, will include Promise leaders in the future, the community can protect it’s self from attack.


tim and sue


This was a wonderful opportunity for me.  As a “white” child raised in gringo culture I never had the sense of community.  Many years ago, as my destiny would have it, I fell in love with a Latino and the Hispanic culture.  I bumped into the right person at the right time and soon my life was full, with new brothers and sisters! 


francisco and an informed voter


The Promise Arizona leadership community is full of these same kinds of people.  Most are Latino but many are “others”.  They all have the same goal, to help a community suffering grave injustice in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  They want to see every human being living the American Dream.  They want a strong community.  They want brotherly love.  They want peace. 


They have what I want.  I want to live the Promise!

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