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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ground Zero, counting down to the bomb


I am sitting at ground zero, the Puente office.  We are all waiting for news about the injunction against SB 1070.  If the judge rules against us, and rumor is, a large part of the law will stand, it will be like a bombshell to all immigrants in the United States.


It is too late to call off the actions planned.  Even if the judge gives the community everything it wants, there is still a great injustice with Sheriff “little Joe” Arpaio, who is under investigation by the FBI for abuse of power.  That has not stopped the old man from aggressive enforcement tactics. 


Arpaio aside, there is a great deal of abuse in immigration raids, the shredding of family ties, the abyss into which we send young people who ought to be leaders instead of school yard to jail yard prodigies. 


We need your support.  If you can get here, come!  Hop on a jet or pop into the VW bus, but make your way and your future Arizona.  If you really can’t be here then we ask for your solidarity.  Don’t go to work but do tell  your employers why the 29th is a day, in conscience, you cannot go. Don’t buy anything.  Don’t comply with local laws!


There is a growing largess in the community in which many are saying, “heck, I get the point, but my sacrifice won’t change anything so I am buying that stereo on sale, and I am going to work”


To that line of thinking I ask you to reflect, maybe on your knees, about what the word selfishness means.  Think about how a little grain of sand, together with kajillion grains of sand, are strong enough to stop the oceans.  If you don’t put in your grain, you don’t motivate your fellow “grains of sand” then we might as well throw in the towel.


Dios te bendiga, espero que tus oraciones y tus corazones estan con nosotros.  Algunos estan hablando de acciones lejos de paz y esto, si esto, estera’ un error imenso.  Necistamos preguntar por paz, per accion en paz.

This ugly problem could be stopped in it’s tracks in Arizona.  That will allow us to return to our original plan, advocating for comprehensive immigration reform!

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