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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Arizona immigrants poised to send a message


Today we went into the barrios to talk to people about SB 1070 and organizing their community.  For me, it was a wonderful experience to get to know these new people and talk to them about how they can empower themselves.


We spoke to a 15 year old boy, home alone, mom at the hospital with one of Arizona’s newest citizens, an infant but a few hours old.  The youth was excited about his new sister, but he was also interested in what we had to say!  This is the future of America!

We spoke to him abut what today’s ruling means.  While it is a temporary victory, we must not let up our guard.  It is only a temporary injunction, it could be lifted or we could lose our battle for justice.  Our only defense is organizing and letting our elected leaders know we will make a difference in their blessing by voters for a longer term in office.


The City of Phoenix is in a celebration mode.  A few events of major protest may have been delayed. Puente is full of artist and activist, some painting banners, others on the phones, still others coming in from field trips like mine.  We are all getting ready for the rally tomorrow.


Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.  Things could still get dicey tomorrow, especially if Arpaio’s troops are sore losers, a likely possibility.


Dios te bendiga America, Dios te bendiga Tiny Tim, Dios te bendiga todo Uds. que ayudanos ganar este lucha para derechos humanos!


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