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Saturday, July 17, 2010

End of the world, July 29th, 2010 immigration reform and SB 1070

Well, maybe July 29th isn’t really the end of the world.  It will be the end of life as many undocumented workers and their citizen families know it, if Arizona SB 1070 goes into effect.  The new Arizona law criminalizes presence in the state without documentation.  It requires law enforcement to detain any person they suspect may not have documentation.  It allows citizen groups to sue law enforcement if the good officers don’t do their job!


One way to win a political battle is to eliminate your enemy.  The conservative Republican Party has been effective in their efforts.  While many undocumented workers, mothers and students remain in Arizona to continue the fight for basic human rights risking arrest and deportation, there has been a mass exodus from the state. 

PUENTE ARIZONA has asked for our support on July 22nd, the day an additional argument will be made in court over whether or not it is in the nation’s interest to delay implementation of the law until the issues can be heard at trial.

If you have the time, if you know someone who is subject to being deported a few months before immigration reform is passed, if you take issue with the precedent of having to carry your “papers”, your passport because failure to do so could mean being detained for identification, if you don’t think racial profiling is something government should do, if you think young people should fullfill their dream of a college education and break the chain of poverty, then ARIZONA NEEDS YOU NOW!

As the old saying goes, “speak now or forever hold your peace!”  We can better say, “Act now, or forever hold your sorrow!”

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