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Thursday, June 24, 2010

First Unitarian at Denver Pride say yes! Fremont Nebraska says no!

A few fools made front page today after the ballot initiative against immigrants passed vote in Fremont, Nebraska.  The new law requires businesses to use e-verify, a voluntary federal I.D. checking system, when hiring. 

What makes  the law proposed by John Wiegert, Jerry  Schnatch and Wanda Kotas racist is the packing plants they want the law to control are not located within the city of Fremont so the law has no effect on the plants.  These facts are well known to the Fremont fools.

The sad impact of anti-immigrant laws like the one passed in the metropolis of Fremont is the impression they give to people of color.  It is easy to draw the conclusion everyone agrees with the Fremont fools. 

Fortunately, a friendlier message was passed along this weekend at the Denver Gay Pride Fest.  The gay community is squarely in the corner of undocumented workers and they are not afraid to say so.

In this interview, Michael Corrigan of the First Unitarian Church speaks about immigration and his fellowship.  Thanks Michael!

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