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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Edgar Niebla caught in ICE raid – Up-date interview! His advice for you!


Yesterday, June 15th, 2010, was the Janitor’s Day of Justice!  It is a day to keep in mind the justice of our laws and the way such justice is applied to those who work under our laws. 


There was a rally in Denver, Colorado, starting at the Colorado state capitol.  From there we marched to the Federal Court House where so many of our friends who are picked up by ICE first see a judge.   There was a protest in the streets that resulted in 14 people being arrested, all along peaceful protest principles.  Denver has escalated to civil disobedience!


During the event I had a chance to talk to Edgar Niebla.  Edgar is the person who was picked up during an early morning ICE raid in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. 


We did an interview with Edgar shortly after he got out of ICE detention on April 29th, 2010.   He told me at that time the hardest part of it all was watching his mother watch him! 


Fortunately for Edgar, after a quick call to some of his friends, and with the help of one of the best immigration attorneys in the state, he was out on the street quickly.  That was a good thing because the authorities had planned a fast trip back to Mexico.



In this follow-up interview, Edgar tells us how he is doing and what he suggests to those who may be facing a similar situation!


Let’s wish Edgar the best and all of the families that are torn apart by irresponsible ICE raids and an immigration system that is broken!


Please support Comprehensive Immigration Reform ( CIR ) by calling your senators!  Every call counts, really!  We would also love to have you involved in the immigrant’s rights movement!  It is a wonderful movement entailing various factors from environmental issues, gay rights, college for disadvantaged-youth, reducing border deaths and keeping families together!


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