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Friday, June 18, 2010

CIRC stands behind Denver Pridefest for Gay pride! Join your immigrant brothers!


The Colorado Immigrant’s Rights Coalition (CIRC) says it stands behind Denver Pride.  The organization which represents immigrant’s rights in the Denver area joins with Reform Immigration FOR America (RIFA), Boulder VOICE (Voices of Immigrant Children for Education and Equality) and Boulder Pride as a co-sponsor and participant!


Immigrants and gays have long had a great deal in common.  Anyone who understands the nasty slap of rejection as people of color do along with gays and lesbians, has something they share in common.  More, homosexuality was one of the primary basis for exclusion from migration to the U.S. for many years. 


The GLBT community still feels the ugly stamp of oppression as their cases are treated differently than are straight couples’.  Immigrants who suffer under the AIDS virus have had trouble emigrating to the U.S. 


Both the gay community and the immigrant’s rights community have been known to use the tactic of civil disobedience to bring their causes to the forefront.  The Denver gay community went so far as to dye money in order to send the message of the economic impact the gays and lesbians have on Colorado in protest of an ugly state amendment called Amendment 2.  This Amendment allowed open discrimination against gay people.  Although the Amendment passed it was later struck down as unconstitutional. 


This year’s Denver Gay Pride event will be Sunday, June 20th.  Those who want to march along with the immigrant community are asked to meet at Cheesman Park in Denver at 8:30am.  The Parade starts at 9:30am.  The march is to the Colorado State Capitol at 15th and Sherman Streets.  This is going to be a short route for most of those who are active in the immigration reform movement!  But each step counts! 


CIRC says don't forget walking shoes, sunblock, and a refillable water bottle.  Please bring $5.00 for your RIFA Rainbow shirts.”


It is important we support each other through the rich diversity we have to give to this country.  While this is a day of Pride for the GLBT community and their supporters, we must also remember the 13,000,000 immigrants who suffer tonight under an immigration system which has set upon our society like acid.  Please support comprehensive immigration reform this year!


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