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Saturday, May 29, 2010

John McCain splats date for discussion of HB 1070, immigrants, protesters ordered from office

A meeting between the increasingly right wing John McCain and the Phoenix, Az., community that was sechduled for May 28th, 2010 was cacelled because McCain's "flight was delayed by three hours".   Some say he cancelled his own meeting because he got news the immigrant rights community was going to show up.  The top of the meeting was Arizona's racial profiling law, HB 1070.

Many of McCain's supporters were disgruntled when they found out they made a trip to a community meeting for nothing.  Many of the immigrant community were disappointed, as they are McCain constituents, as well.

Even though McCain didn't show up, the immigrants right's community was undaunted.  They protested outside the quiet Phoenix community center for over a half hour.

Later in the day, over 200 immigrants rights supporters came to McCain's office to deliver a letter asking him to support immigration reform.  Shortly after arriving, the staff asked the supporters to leave and told them if they din't leave the police would be called.  The supporters didn't leave and the police were called.  It took a long time for a response, but they finally showed up in force.

Leaders of the immigrant community met with McCain's office personnel who promised to ask John for a face to face meeting with a response back within 24 hours.  The activist are waiting to hear from McCain staff.

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