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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Denver RIFA Rally successful beyond dreams! Thousands showed up in solidarity to say, “Si se puede!”

We expected 1,500 at the
Denver Reform Immigration For
 America Rally ( RIFA )
A conservative figure is 10,000, 
maybe 16,000!

How do we know? 
We had at least
3,000 in the Las Vegas Rally
a month ago…
This crowd was at least
5 TIMES as

Colorado says NO to Arizona H B 1070!

crowd iv bloomed 

Colorado Says YES! to
comprehensive immigration reform! ( cir )

denver immigration rally may 1 2010 001 (2) 

We opened with a prayer…

julieta tireless worker 

Does she look tired?  Julieta with Padres y
Jovenes Unidos helped Denver Public School
students organize a walk-out in protest of
Arizona HB 1070 yesterday…

She is willing to pay any price,
a tireless worker for civil rights …
We R lucky to have her!

lalo padres y jovens

Lalo, Padres y Jovenes Unidos,
also a tireless activist,
holds the future of the nation
in his arms …
his daughter!

We hold hands today
we demonstrate
we cry
justice for all!

mi familia vota

Check out my You Tube videos
immigrants2bfree for video coverage
The event was beautifully organized …
The power of the people showed us
what we can do in Colorado!

crowd iv bloomed 

Signing up voters for the election!

We hope it went well for the rest of the nation!
Thanks Colorado Immigrants Rights Coalition
( CIRC )

Thanks Reform Immigration For America
( RIFA )
Thanks Julie Gutierrez Colorado
RIFA State Coordinator!

Dios te bendiga a todos!

If you are from “mainstream” America
we need you to call your neighbor and tell her why
comprehensive immigration reform is
right for the country…

Section 101 speaks about border security
It provides for a billion dollars a year for four years to beef up our nations sea ports

it call for bullet proof vests for
all border patrol agents

it calls for a comprehensive review of
how we  can best allocate border resources

It provides for a six year path to citizenship after a
back ground check and payment of a fine…

The fines alone could be over 3 billion dollars
plus we will have more tax payers!

The six year path is likely to turn into a
10 year path with back logs … it is NOT amnesty!

It helps every driver get a driver’s license
so every driver can get insurance;
so every driver can be easily identified during a roadside stop for police safety!

It provides for a way to staff the future needs of the
retiring baby boomers with work visas

and other plans!

crowd iii gshot

It was a great day in Colorado …

Si  vives  en  el condado de  Maricopa 

Dejate lo mas pronto que puedes …

El tiburon Sheriff “Josecito” Arpaio esta buscando
Digo “Josecito” porque
el es una persona chico usando la oficina
de Sheriff para estar un muchacho grande!


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