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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Critical teacher up for vote today, your calls needed, help disadvantaged youth get a fair chance!

Colorado SB 191
Up for vote



We're Almost There! Help Us Achieve Great Teachers and Leaders that will provide an Excellent Education for ALL Colorado Students!

This morning, SB 191, the "Ensuring Quality Instruction through Educator Effectiveness," bill, or EQuITEE, passed the House Appropriations Committee with a 7-6 vote! Next up: A vote by the House of Representatives.

This bill will require teachers be responsible for the outcome of their teaching efforts with students.  It will directly match teaching effort with student success.  Children at risk will have a significantly better chance of success because the teachers will have a stake in their success!

The vote on the House floor can happen as early as tonight or tomorrow morning so now more than ever will our phone calls, emails and signatures matter!

Tack action NOW and help us score a

Call AND email the following Representatives and ask them to "Vote YES on Senate Bill 10-191 to move Colorado closer to providing an excellent public education for every student."

Representative   Phone Email
Rep. Labuda,    Denver 303-866-2966
Rep. Miklosi,     Denver 303-866-2910
Rep. Court,       Denver 303-866-2967
Rep. McCann,    Denver 303-866-2959
Rep. Frangas,    Denver 303-866-2954
Rep. Curry,       Eagle 303-866-2945
Rep. Riesberg,   Weld 303-866-2929

Also, sign the Great Teachers and Leaders petition!

Padres y Jovenes Unidos is an active civil rights group in Denver advocating for under-privledged youth, immigrants rights and other causes.  Support this organization which has been effective in taking a leadership role in Colorado!

Check out Jóvenes Unidos leader, Jose Cordova talk about the importance of quality teachers - Click Here!

For more info. or to get involved contact Julieta Quinonez:
(303) 458-6545 or

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