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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Trail of Dreams Walkers Robbed, Brave people walking for the future of our nation! Donations needed!


Trail of dreams

Walkers  Robbed

Now Safe in

Washington D.C.


Dios te bendiga

Did you know that:

  • Children of undocumented workers have a difficult time getting into college because they do not have appropriate “Documentation”?
  • Those who can find a college that will admit them are considered “out of state” forcing them to pay tuition that is higher than a cat’s back.  This is true even if the youths have lived in the state for many years?
  • In order to break the chain of poverty one must be able to get a good education.  The error we made with the African American movement was provide a way for youths to get to college, therefore condenming a generation of young people to a life of poverty and helping them continue the chain of poverty one more generation?
  • The majority of people in our prisons are ‘of color’.  Few of them had a chance at a college education?


On April 27th, the back up vehicle was broken into.  The Dreamers lost personal possessions


“They have also run into a major crisis today, when laptops and other valuables were stolen from their emergency vehicle. If you are at all able, please donate now.” says America's Voice.


  • $50 will cover a pair of shoes for a walker

  • $100 will cover food for one day for the walkers and their driver

  • $150 will cover a full tank of gas for the RV to follow the walkers from town to town


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Trail of Dreams Walkers




A Denver University Student Kate Robbins Speaks Out!

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