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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Boycott Arizona, Cancel your trip, don’t support apartied, HB 1070 anti immigrant law, time for reform!

Republicans like money
We like freedom!

Down with HB 1070!

Apartied is giving white businesses a leg up over all other businesses.  It treats Anglos better than the rest.  HB 1070 has the effect of Apartied.  You don’t have to be undocumented to suffer under the blazing injustice of HB 1070!

from circ 

Photo from CIRC website

It is time we march with our money and find a different place to put it than Arizona.  Those who passed H.B. 1070 making it illegal to be “illegal” and requiring police to investigate any person they suspect of being “illegal” must have known it was going to have a negative effect on businesses in Arizona. 
They were right.

How do we vote with our money?  There is concern for the small businessman who opposed the law and who has done nothing to deserve negative financial consequences. 

Unfortunately, Governor Brewer and her band of Republican law makers must have known this was going to be a consequence.  Even if we do nothing, the businesses that depend upon Hispanic support, like restaurants and tiendas, will be affected by thousands of refugees leaving the state.  It is sad to say, their losses are going to come anyway.  A boycott will not affect them much.

laughlin hotel 
Lauglin, Nevada on Arizona border

In short, if you have a trip planned for Arizona, find somewhere else to go.  Nevada has nice weather and lots to do.  Laughlin, Nevada, is a fun place on the river, and there are many other places that would make a great base for an inexpensive vacation. 

If you have a conference in Arizona, try to find another place for your conference.  If you must be in Arizona, frequent the Latino business and avoid stores like Wall mart, Sam’s Club, night clubs, clothing boutiques, chain restaurants and tourist attractions.  Why put money into the coffers of the government which has robbed so much from so many?

The mayor of Phoenix, Arizona, begs us not to boycott his city.  Where was he when this ugly law was passed?  If he is serious about no boycott then why doesn’t his city council pass a law which prohibits the police from enforcing unjust laws?  I have a problem with those who don’t want to pay consequences for ugly laws but are not doing anything to get the unjust legislation undone.

rifa marches

Your buck goes a long ways in Arizona.  It is time people of that state learn what contribution undocumented workers make to businesses.  Arizona has been hostile to undocumented workers for years.  It is past time for them to learn how their ugly laws affect us all!

If you must spend your money in Arizona, then wash it.  Put is through a red or green dye process.  Every time that dollar is spent people will know it came from the hands of an undocumented person or someone who supports them. You can also run change through a thin mixture of paint.  Why not dump all of your change through a green paint wash?  Just an idea, be sure to check with your attorney before taking this step!



  2. Read the law,the federal law!

  3. First, why would you boycott the Hispanics that are working in the hospitality industry. Why would you hurt everyone in this industry for the purpose of defying a federal law. secondly, dying money ,whatever color, is also illegal. and lastly, wherever your living and what ever job your doing, understand that it hurts you financially when you boycott a state like this..i know i won't go to California,Colorado,Seattle, or who ever else posts a boycott.

  4. Illegal alien is illegally here. Take steps to do it legally like my German ancestors. Illegals don't pay taxes,vote democratic illegally. Send money out of the country. Are u blind or criminally minded. illegal, look it up Einstein. Amnesty, governmental pardon of illegal activities,usually for political gain. Websters dictionary