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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Equal Rights for Who?

I cannot tell you how much my heart sinks at the thought that millions of people suffer at the hands of my own countrymen. The mark of a free society is equal justice, equal treatment. That works just fine in this country until it comes to our friends who cross the border to find a better life, or the students who come here and marry a U.S. citizen, or the uneducated who come here and seek higher learning, including much needed doctors and nurses.

This blog is about the fight for equlity for everyone, no matter how you got here. My grandfather was an immigrant, so was my grandmother. Almost all of our ancestors were immigrants at one point or another, even many of those who belong to American Indian tribes.

Every great empire falls sooner or later. I love my country and will fight to the death to protect her. But one day if she falls, those who come next may freely walk into old US territory. To presume because you were born here you have a right of possession of the land you walk on is arrogant. We are all custodians of our lands, but one day we pass and that responsibility falls upon a new generation to guide and shephed the land as they see fit.

I can only hope the next generation makes wiser decisions than those who control our borders do today!


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