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Sunday, May 5, 2013


Driver's Licenses Likely To Pass In Colorado

An effort to grant driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants is making fast headway in the Colorado congress.  A group called Licencias Para Todos, Licenses for Everyone, has teamed up with Colorado state senator Jessi Ulibarri, with the legislation.

There are many benefits to granting licenses to undocumented people, the group says.  First, every immigrant will have to take the drivers written and practical exam, the group says.  This is important because Colorado has some odd driving rules which all drivers should be aware.

A second benefit to the new law will be the influx of revenues to the state tax coffers.  Only those who have filed their income tax returns will be able to qualify for a license.  While many immigrants have been paying taxes for a long time, others have a lot of work to do in order to qualify for the law.


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A third benefit is a likely lower insurance rate for Coloradoans.  When all drivers are insured, companies don't have to pay claims for uninsured drivers.  A license will help immigrants obtain insurance.

Law enforcement supports the licensing of undocumented immigrants, as well.  Officers can be more efficient during traffic stops if they can identify immigrants with a license just like they do citizens.  This leaves officers available to service other types of calls.

The license can't be used to vote or to board an airliner.  While not obvious, all non-citizens will have a new marked license.  The purpose of the license is to specifically allow people to drive, not to serve as identification to enter federal public buildings or other sensitive locations.  However, immigrants must provide a valid I.D. in order to qualify for the license.

If the law passes, it won't be until August of 2014 until the new licenses are available.  That provides the Colorado Department of Revenue which administers licenses an opportunity to set application fees and procedures.  The licenses will only be available to Colorado residents.

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