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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sigifredo Pizana, Richard Hartwell, Un Dia Sin Fronteras

Dreamer At Risk

Sigifredo Pizana is a 19 year old youth who is about to be very alone in a country that has mostly failed to open it’s arms to bright young immigrants.  Sigi’s father was stopped by local law enforcement.  Soon thereafter the elder Pizana had a date with ICE.  After being in the country 9 years and 3 months, the elder Pizana was eight months short of the ten years which might have given him some hope.  Rather than spend the family resources on fighting, the family has decided to go to Mexico.  That is, everyone but Sigi.


At 19, Sigi was enrolled in college with a dream of studying actuarial accounting.  When the family fell into crises, the youth had to drop his college classes.  But it was about to get a lot worse.  Soon, mom and the rest of the family plan to call it quits on the American Dream and follow the elder Pizana to Mexico.  That leaves Sigi to fend for himself.



Sigifredo Graduating With Honors


When people talk about getting in the back of the line, they don’t realize what the phrase entails.  In the first place, for many undocumented immigrants, there is no line.  Even if there were, getting in back of the line means dividing families often for decades.  Those who go to their native land can’t return and those who remain in the US can’t leave.  With border crossing becoming difficult and expensive, upwards of $3,000 in many cases, the family remains apart for many years.



richard hartwell sm pict

Richard Hartwell


Sigifredo very much wants to take the steps necessary to become a citizen of this country.  After graduating with honors with AP classes, this bright youth has demonstrated he has something to give to the country.  If he leaves, he will be part of the world market which competes against the US.  Most people agree, it is better he stay and become part of the fabric of future generations.

group drawing


You can listen to Sigifredo as he talks to talk show host Tim Paynter on Un Dia Sin Fronteras.  Joining the discussion will be Richard Hartwell, an Anglo who sides with immigrant youth.  Richard says we need to pass the Dream Act so young people like Sigifredo can continue in the journey in the only country they know.


Un Dia Sin Fronteras

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Action Dream Team

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August 1st, 2011

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