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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Brittany Hernandez Eye Resist Colorado Asset Send Kids 2 School

Brittany Hernandez with Eye Resist on Colorado Access

should the children of undocumented immigrants get in-state tuition in Colorado?  Eleven other states think so!

Brittany Hernandez with the student group Eye Resist speaks passionately about the benefits a proposed law that will allow children of undocumented workers to go to college.  Hernandez says it will add to the education budget in Colorado and help keep the brightest people in the state to form the future work force.

at student union

A prior law in 2009 was defeated mostly out of concerns for the effect it might have on the Colorado budget.  The new law, supported by the Higher Education Access Alliance, will add money to the state’s bottom line rather than detract from it.  That is because the 2009 law allowed immigrant students access to schoarlships and financial aid.  The new law eliminated those resources for undocumented students.  Instead, the youths will get in-state tuition rates only.

The Colorado Immigrants Rights Coalition (CIRC) strongly supports the passage of the bill, as well.

Many people feel the youths of undocumented immigrants should not be penalized for crossing the border without inspection.  How can you hold a 1 year old baby responsible for a border crossing?  To deny that child a chance at education when a young adult is unfair and short sighted.  Having done nothing, the youth deserves the same crack at the apple as other youths get.  More, it gives children raised in poverty a chance to break the chains that are too frequently passed from generation to generation.

The Dream Act, a federal law that would allow students to go to school or serve in the military, was defeated in the lame duck session of 2010.  Activists are working to revive the legislation which is designed to give all children parity in these separate but equal United States.  If it makes it to congress once again, it will pair nicely with Access Colorado, and give children who want to make Colorado a great state a running chance. 

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