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Monday, November 1, 2010

Dream Act Gives Hope To Students, CIR RIFA


Laura Lopez talks about reform
The Dream Act gives young undocumented children who came to the US when they were to young to understand what borders are.  Some came as young as age one.  Others were a little older.  What they all understood is how it feels to be hungry.

As they become young adults they find their path in life has been changed.  While their friends in school have a chance at breaking the chain of poverty, they are stuck.  If they can get into college, which is difficult at best, they have to pay out of state tuition.  When they graduate, their degree goes to a waste because they can’t get licensed and don’t have a social security number.

The Dream Act would allow these young people to go to school, and in the process they would be able to naturalize.  There are some strict requirements, they must go to at least a two year college or serve in the military. 

They would have to come forward and identify themselves so we know who is in the country.  They would get a driver’s license hence be able to get automobile insurance.  Most people like the idea of all motorists being insured. 

They would have to pay a fine, which when totaled would add about 3 billion to the federal kitty.  After a background check and about 6 years, they would be able to naturalize.  This is not amnesty. There is no forgiveness. 

There are many ways to participate.  Promise Arizona is a membership organization training tomorrow’s leaders.  There are a host of organizations like CIRC in Colorado.  Come be part of the solution!

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