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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bronx Gang Rapes Gay Youth, 2 Others

A 17 year old Bronx man was stripped naked, then beaten and raped with a toilet plunger handle because the members of his gang found out he had gay sex.  Eleven men were arrested facing charges for hate crimes.

Are you a faggot? Do you like this?" the ring leader, Idelfonzo “Cheto” Mendez, 23, was reported to have said as he jammed a plunger handle into the 17 year old’s anus.

For a Latin King Goonie, a New York gang wanna-be, sexual orientation gets no respect.  Being gay is seen as weak.  For a gang on the rise, weak is not where it is at. 

david rivera_thumb

David Rivera after arrest

When a 17 year old was spotted coming out of the house of a known gay man the jig was up.  The man, an Ecuadorian immigrant known as "La Reina", the queen,  had sex with young men in the hood.  By chance, as the 17 year old left La Reina’s apartment, he ran into the arms of Cheto Mendez, gang leader of the Latin King Goonies.  It was 3:30 a.m. Sunday, October 3rd.

What could a Latin King Goonie recruit be doing with a known homosexual?  Gang leader Mendez was going to find out. 

ildefonzo mendezsm_thumb

Idelfonzo “Cheto” Mendez, charged with hate crimes including sex crimes


Goonie house on 1910 Osborne Place, The Bronx

Cheto and gang members Nelson Falu, David Rivera and Jose Dominguez took the teen their Morris Heights “clubhouse”, an abandoned apartment.  They forced the boy to strip naked, and tied him to a chair.

Are you a faggot?” they asked him.  When he didn’t confess, they began to beat him.  Each time he professed his innocence, they beat him again.  Soon, they inserted the wooden handle of a toilet plunger up his rectum. 

The terrified youth shortly admitted having gay sex with La Reina, as Cheto slid the toilet plunger handle in and out of his anus.  Then he gave them one more pearl.  La Reina’s boyfriend, also 17, was a Latin King Goonies recruit. 


Cepeda, Falu, Rivera.  Charges have been subsequently dismissed against Cepeda.

That evening, around 8:30 p.m., the Goonies grabbed the second 17-year-old, took him to their headquarters, then robbed and beat him.  Next on the list was La Reina.  

How about a party?  La Reina took the bait.  When they got him to the apartment the gang members forced him to strip naked. 

“You are a faggot” they jeered at him.  

They tied him to a chair and interrogated him, beating him when they didn’t get the answers they wanted.

four lokosm_thumb

At around 11:00 p.m. while they were having their way with La Reina, five of the gang members went to his house to burglarize him.  Letting themselves in with La Reina’s key, they quickly found his 30 year old brother sleeping.  They tied him up and demanded he tell them where money was hidden.  At first, the brother did not want to cooperate with the hoodlums.  So the gang members put him on the phone to La Reina,  who was still taking a beating at the club house.  

“Tell them where the money is.” he said. 

The gang left with $1,000, a 52 inch TV and credit cards.  They left the brother tied up and sealed his mouth and nose with tape.  He could barely breath.  They forced him to the floor, tied his legs and then dumped the mattress on him and left him to smother.

Back at the clubhouse, the party was in full swing.  The toughs were going to town torturing La Reina.  They forced his 17 year old lover to burn him with cigarettes.  They inserted a plastic baseball bat up his rectum.  It was likely the same bat used to beat the first 17 year old.  Throughout the night they poured liquor down his throat, all ten of the Four Loko cans of malt liquor.   Finally, they took turns pummeling him, one with chains wrapped around his fists.


Unknown to the Goonies, La Reina’s brother broke some of his bonds at 1:30 in the morning.  The neighbors helped untie him first removing the tape that was keeping him from breathing.

“Call the police” the brother begged.  Soon, officers were on the scene and a detective arrived.  Yet the brother had not been forthright about all of the events that had happened.  He did not tell the detective about the phone call with his brother earlier in the night.

As the detective was finishing up, La Reina showed up on the back porch.  It was after 4:30 a.m.  He had clearly been beaten, but said he was too drunk to remember any of the details.  The detective knew a 17 year old had gone to the hospital the day before.  He began to put two and two together.  Shortly, after interviewing the 17 year old, he got La Reina’s brother to confess. 

By the time law enforcement figured out where the club house was the gang had wiped it clean.  The linoleum and carpeting was gone.  The building was freshly painted.  Bleach had been poured into the drains.  It still was not enough to sanitize the building.  Detectives were able to find hair belonging to some of the victims.

Warrants were issued and 11 men soon found themselves under arrest, with criminal charges pending.  Charges against 4 of the 11, all juveniles, have been dropped.  The other youths are facing serious charges tied to hate crimes.  If they are found convicted, they will soon enough find them selves victims of toughs who enjoy sodomizing young men.

This is about treating everyone in the community fairly.  That especially applies to the immigrant population and gay men who belong in that population.  We can pull together and celebrate our personal differences, or we can fade and become angry people.

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