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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Arizona Senator Russell Pearce Rude To Lady


     I envisioned Russell Pearce as being skinny and gracious.  He came off as nothing more than an angry blow-hard who does not know how to treat a lady.  More, he was unwilling to listen to his constituents who approached him for his position on the Dream Ace. 

     In this video Erika Andiola, the child of immigrants, approaches the Senator for some answers.  Pearce was rude and unwilling to be of any assistance.  Off camera, he said he would love to see young people go to school but we have to make sure the “bad” people don’t benefit from the law.


Pearce rude to lady journalist, won’t answer


     One must wonder what it is that frightens Senator Pearce.  A reaction of this nature could only be manifest through anger, fear or hate.

     We encourage the passage of the Dream Act, which will allow the children of undocumented immigrants a chance to go to school.  They will have to earn it by serving in the US military or by getting a degree.  After a long period of years, payment of a hefty fine, a criminal background check, payment of taxes and other benefits to the country, these youths will be able to migrate to the US.

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