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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mayday! Mayday! Reverse Course! Promise Arizona helps us move ahead!


When the Promise Arizona media director, Nicole, told us abut the approval of funds to increase border security I was troubled.  Sure, no one wants terrorists crossing the border.  But it is also a signal Congress is not listening to it’s voting base.


pedro y francisco

  Paz Fellow Francisco with organizer Pedro


Comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) proposed by Luis Gutierrez takes care of border security and helps undocumented workers find a path to legalization.  Why won’t conservatives help adopt a law which primarily addresses border security but which helps undocumented families stay together, allows them to get driver’s licenses and hence insurance, and allows students to go to college to stop the “school yard to jail yard” dead end street?


Promise Arizona is on the right track. For years, politicians have held office who refuse to acknowledge the needs of the immigrant community.  The best way to solve the problem is to find new leadership.  For that, we need votes. 


I like the idea of a long term solution to the tragic consequences of a broken immigration system.  We will make a difference in the next election, of that I am sure.  But Promise Arizona is also working on solutions for the next gen.  As I understand it, this is a process.  We can’t expect results the first day at the task.  However, with help from all of you, we can find a solution for years to come!  Imagine the thousands of immigrant families that will be able to live the American dream, thanks in part, to your efforts!


Please pass this article along to your friends.  Promise Arizona has the PAZ Fellowship available.  They are seeking dedicated teams and individuals to help us register voters.  There is a bus full of 30 people coming into Arizona from California this weekend, for example!  Other group efforts are in the works!  Why not talk to your friends or even your student body?


Promise Arizona is also looking for individuals who can help be part of the support team in this epic fight for basic human rights!  Together, we can bring about social change that will help thousands of future Americans!  We hope this is the last time our great country must struggle with basic human rights.  Since we are in the fight, we have decided to be part of the history in passing immigration reform and participating in an epic struggle for human dignity.


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