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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Easy Solution for Undocumented workers


When I was a buckaroo, I used to drive my four wheel drive jeep into ghost towns.  Mostly they were in Colorado.  Teller City was one.  The price of silver fell off the face of the earth and the whole town left their mountain paradise.  Some people were in the middle of dinner and left their plates sitting on the table!

Arizona is becoming a ghost town, too.  The assault on undocumented immigrants in unprecedented.  Home owners and business owners are packing up and shutting down.  Real estate is for rent and for sale all over the city.  Some areas look like abandoned slums.

It isn’t the price of silver that is causing this flight of good people.  It is the constant assault on one’s dignity.  I speak to undocumented people all day long.  Many tell me they are going home because they are tired of the day in and day out harranging against “illegal aliens”. 

Most people have not figured it out yet, the words “illegal alien” is the new “N” word for undocumented workers!  No one is illegal.  When a person breaks the law and crosses the border without presenting himself for inspection he has in fact broken a law.  However, after that, if he remains in the country he is in violation of an administrative rule, not a law.  His actions are not criminal.  He is not illegal. 

If I were a Republican and in business, I would not be happy about my life investment turning into a ghost town.  I would not be happy about the government I elected to help business people prosper being responsible for sending my financial statement south.  I would not be happy with a party which backs a policy of hate and attrition all of which is destroying everything I built for the past 30 years.  I would be looking for new representation with a more sane mind.

That means Jan Brewer and Russell Pierce.  Both of these conservative politicians are responsible for bringing financial ruin to the constituents they represent.  Arizona was having it’s problems before the SB 1070.  The continued haranguing against undocumented workers has cost the state billions.  Brewer and Pierce constantly divide the people of Arizona instead of unite them.  This is the sign of horrifically bad leadership. 

It is time to make a change!  Let’s turn this ghost town called Phoenix into a prospering metropolis again!  The first step in doing that is getting rid of the people who constantly work at dividing us.  Let’s hold Brewer and Pierce accountable!  Vote the fools out of office!  It is time for change!

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