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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Where R U? Murder on the border


My friends were somber at the immigration protest this past Monday.  ‘



The first Monday of every month we gather at the immigration detention center to protest ICE raids and the shredding of family ties, as fathers, mothers and children are hacked from the corpus of the family unit.   Usually, it is a good time with the climax when we gather at the windows of the detention center and “guests” waive!  Sometimes I shed a tear.


This time at the detention center everyone was somber and I was not sure why.  That is, until the event began and I realized this was more than a protest.  We were saying good by to two people whose lives were snuffed out on the border. 


One of them was a mere child.  The other lived in the US for many years and was father of twin 4 year olds. 


Anastacio Hernandez Rojas was attacked by 20 border guards as he made a last-ditch effort at libertad!  The death was ruled a homicide and the families of 20 border guards will be changed forever, (yes, I think we need to look at this from all angles) not to mention twin boys wondering when daddy will be home.



You can help end the tragedy on the US Mexican border by calling your senator and telling him to support comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) now!  The proposed law is comprehensive and addresses conservative’s concerns about border security while helping families stay together.  We call that family values!


Please do it now.  The lives of many people depend upon your actions. You might be the one last call which convinces a senator to support legislation that will allow border guards to concentrate on drug dealers instead of poor people walking through the desert!




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