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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Promise Arizona – A fellowship of Paz, Come make a difference! Call to action!


I had a chance to check the Promise Arizona opportunity out a little more today.  Promise is offering a paid fellowship for those who want to learn about grass roots organizing and making a difference for the millions of undocumented immigrants in the US!




Here is how it works:

If you are selected, the Paz Fellowship will arrange a host family, provide you training in grass roots organizing, and give you a $100 per week stipend!


Promise Arizona takes the approach of doing more than defeating SB 1070.  They think our leadership structure needs adjusting.  If we repel the Arizona racial profiling law, Jan Brewer and her Republican cronies have more laws in store!  Promise wants to organize the voter base so it can elect leaders who can more fairly represent the community! 


You can be part of that process!  APPLY HERE!


The basic requirements for PAZ fellows are:

  • Be at least 18 years old and able to attend the training, as well as work for at least three weeks of the month for which they are accepted.
  • Provide their own transportation to and from Arizona
  • Commit to working 30 hours a week for at least three weeks in Arizona
  • Be given a $100/week stipend for food and travel within the state.


The Paz fellowship is all about a peaceful resolution to the immigration crisis through motivating people to vote.  Some people take a more controversial approach.  The Pastor in this video paid dearly for his efforts!


  There is no right way to convince elected officials of the necessity to solve the desperate immigration problem.  President Barak Obama finally sent his legal team to challenge SB 1070.  However, in the long run, The Paz effort will be as effective as any!


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