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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Puente Arizona, Alto Arizona, from around the web! Results from sb 1070 protest!


Puente Arizona

Alto Arizona

How did it go?

We made history!

In very little time organizers put together an event designed to attract at the most 20,000 people.  Estimates were increased to 50,000 shortly before the event.

By the event was over conservative estimates put the attendance at 100,000!  Some say as many as 200,000 came, including as many as 30 buses from Texas!

bob and the dreamers

  Dream Activist





dream act


iowa caucus

   Iowa Caucus


  On May 28th, immigration activist let John McCain know he can’t hide.

  It is time for the conservative Republicans to join in the conversation about comprehensive immigration reform!

I have a dream!

free the dream ii








On the road…

luis and myra








  jeremy gd shot


Shirts ‘n signs say it all!

I ain't running no more







luis and shirt








luis dumps hat full of ice over his head

phoenix pride 


free the dream

 southwest workers union 

what racism looks like


Let’s get rid of hate.  Let’s get rid of SB 1070.  Let’s vote out the fools who voted this ugly law onto the books!




For me, Alto Arizona was a huge success!  I learned a lot about activism, about the Latino community, and about the disaster that is passing in Arizona!


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I am also looking for donated digital camera equipment as what I have is absolutely beat! 






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