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Thursday, June 3, 2010

John McCain runs but can he hide? Immigration activist protest in his office because he won’t listen! Alto Arizona

Instead of talking with us, Senator John McCain

cancels his meeting!

So we take the message to him!

McCain office staff presume this guerro is in charge of the protest, a big mistake on their part! 

The McCain Staffer refuses to let me get someone who is in charge to talk to him.  He insists “we” leave the office immediately. 

Guess what gumbo, I am about the only gringo there, and I am the last guy one should talk to.   I had no authority!

This is the Arizona attitude.  Give orders to people who are not in charge.  Refuse to listen to people who have influence.  Take no interest in solutions.

Call your senator and ask him to support comprehensive immigration reform in 2010!  It is clear Senator John McCain has no interest in listening!

Help:  I need better camera equipment!  If you are willing to donate unwanted equipment I would put it to good use!  I need digital video and still cameras, programs and gear!  Donations of money are also accepted!

The Arizona Republicans have made a mess of immigration reform with their hateful SB 1070.  Let’s get this bill introduced into the senate so we can avoid another Arizona in the rest of the 50 states! 

We believe in peaceful protests to bring about social reform.  Help us in our quest!  Call your senator and urge action on Comprehensive Immigration Reform.  Help register people to vote.  Volunteer in one of the many immigrant's rights groups.  Alto Arizona taught me the power of peaceful protest! 

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