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Friday, June 11, 2010

Donate to Reform Immigration For America Here! rifa cir reforma migratoria


Running an immigration reform campaign must be very expensive. I don’t know, I am not running one.  But I sure support the campaign Reform Immigration For America ( rifa ) is putting on to get comprehensive immigration reform ( cir asap ) introduced into the senate.

I also know it can be hard to ask for help.  Sometimes a siren call for help can dampen spirits.  In may case, it helps when others ask for help when I need it.  That is my intention here. 



capital steps

Denver Capitol during Youth Rally

Once we get the proposed law introduced, we, (as in the many of us who support immigration reform) will still have a lot left to do.  Getting the law introduced is a hard part of it, but the next part is critical:  We must make sure the law that gets passed is in our benefit.  That is going to take plenty of effort and I am sure plenty of axle grease.

So there you have it.  I am not associated with RIFA.  However I support their great work!  Will U?

Those who stand behind their evangelical leaders here is your chance!

If you are able and willing, hit the button to donate and it will take you directly to the RIFA web site for donations!  Let’s pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform in 2010!





Hope to see you out there!  I have loved meeting so many of you and participating with you.  We will prevail, justice will prevail, ojala con la ayuda de Dios los que estan sufriendo abajo de leyes injustos vendra a la vida nueva!


Tim Paynter, attorney at law


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