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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Emergency action! Push the YES to save an immigrant family! RIFA and CIR asap are at stake!

Gabe Gonzales with Reform Immigration For America ( RIFA ) has put out a call for donations.  It costs a lot of money to run a reform campaign.  Gonzales says a donation of only $30 bucks will help with 100 calls and 80 faxes!

Pass this posting to 10 of your friends!  We need your help!  Un Pueblo Unido… Immediate action is needed to pass reform in 2010!

Picture is from the RIFA web site

The last push for immigration reform was stopped in it’s tracks when faxes came in 20 against reform for each 1 fax for reform.  We must not let this happen again!

1.  If you have 2 cents to add to the immigration reform battle, please donate it now!  Every cent counts!

2.  Pass this posting around to your friends so they can donate.  Sometimes one person does not have as much as he may want to help in the Reform movement.  If he sends in something, and passes the news to his friend, together they meet the goal!

Will you push the YES button for immigration reform?

How much does it cost when a father is deported to Mexico and his children and wife are left here to defend for themselves?

Are we willing to work together as a community or are we going to say, “but my contribution won’t make a change?”

Please help, every centavo cuenta!

I do not speak for the Reform Immigration For America people.  We all know this has been a grueling and expensive effort.  If reform is not brought soon, the effort will be a lot more expensive!  Let’s get this done!  A final push could make all the difference!

Hey thanks!  Everyone of you are in my heart and I wish the best for each child, each mother, each father who are battling for justice in this country.  I have not had a chance to meet many of you but I hope I will in the future.   
Tim Paynter
Attorney at Law

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