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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Arizona considers racial profiling in schools, HB 1070 requires reporting children of undocumented workers!

Senator Russell Pearce SB 1097

Drunk with the headlines, Republican Senator Russell Pearce has come up with a ‘one better’ than HB 1070 which condones racial profiling.  Now, Russell wants to go after the children of undocumented aliens.  SB 1097 would require reporting the number of undocumented children  in the school and the ‘economic impact’ they have on the system.  Failure to report could cost the school it’s funding!

Senator Russell Pearce smiles as he contemplates the tears on the faces of children of undocumented workers when they are denied a grade school education

The tactic Russell Pearce proposes has been used for years by parents in divorce court.  The wife won’t let dad see the kids unless he ponies up for child support and a large hunk of the marital estate.  Dad demands custody of the children until mom gets real on the money part.  No one is looking out for the best interests of the children.  While there are a thousand versions of marital ping-pong, it is the dirtiest pool one can play in the law.

The fool Senator Pearce has merely moved marital dirty pool into the schools.  His ugly SB 1097 will intimidate undocumented families while manipulating school administrators.  Either the school goes along with denying education to the children of undocumented aliens who had no choice in coming to this country, or the state of Arizona will deny funding for the rest of the student population.

What bullies fail to see is, no one takes their side.  Senator Pearce is playing the role of a fool by getting his mug in the headlines once again.  He is putting the Republican party nation-wide at risk of another crushing defeat in November.  It is well known the hate laws being passed in Arizona are along party lines, Republicans for HB 1070 racial profiling, Democrats against HB 1070.  One can presume Republicans in other states share similar sentiments. 

Of course, Teddy Tan, I mean right wing Ted Tancredo weighed in on the proposed Arizona law, insisting we need to measure the cost of educating innocent children of undocumented immigrants.  He has not mentioned how to monitor the cost of sending un-educated young adults to prison when they are forced into poverty and lives of crime.  Republicans secretly breathed a great sign of relief after Teddy Tan Tancredo left the House congressional seat for Colorado years ago.   His extreme views and insistence in robbing Republican headlines cost the party dearly and current Republicans hope to silence this fruit cake.

Fools don’t lift their heads up to see what is going on around them.  Thousands of organizations are announcing boycotts of Arizona.  Conventions are cancelling.  There is a move to cancel the 2011 All Stars game to be held in Phoenix.   While the fool Russell Pearce does not care what happens in his state, Republican senates in other states considering a copy-cat HB 1070 racial profiling law must be having second thoughts.  Pearce and his cronies are making allies for the pro-reform immigration movement more than any other single person or organization in the United State of America could.  They are making enemies for Republicans nationwide more than any candidate could and SB 1097 is just another nail in the coffin.

Now is a good time to order your free Arizona travel guide as it costs the state of Arizona money to print and send out, could affect the budget for the Arizona Tourist Board and some of us will be traveling to the State to protest ugly laws!

We must assist Arizona in defeating Republican senators and Republican governor Jan Brewer in the November elections.  While the fool Republican Senator Russell Pearce and his buddies are moving full speed ahead on SB 1097 in the Arizona Senate as reported in, the Arizona House has wisely tabled the bill pending the outcome of the November elections.  The House understands the power of the Latino voting base along with those who stand up against injustice.

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