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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tea Party picks on queers, outs Lindsey Graham, Attack on Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) hits a new low! Tea party loses credibility, richard gheen acts like a fool and a bully

William_Gheen-300x243 Richard Gheen of the Tea party talks trash, attack on Lindsey Graham is dirty pool

Richard Gheen thinks the way to pressure politicians is to talk about deeply intimate things.  While he says he is open minded when it comes to homosexuals, no one who is open minded or compassionate towards the gay, lesbian and transgender community would play the “gay” card the way Gheen played  it.  

Gheen says everyone in Congress knows Senator Lindsey Graham is gay.  Now he wants all of us to know as he pretends to “out” the senator.

Thanks Richard.  You made my day.  If you are right about Lindsey, then I say, you rock, Lindsey!

Gheen forgot something in the process of gay bashing.  Being gay today is not what it used to be.  

Most people say “so what”;  

Others say, “I guess you forgot, some of the fruit cakes we have in the tea party are actually gay”; 

Still others say, “Why don’t you just grab Lindsey by the balls and give him a hard knee in the family jewels while you smile in his face!”

graham lindsey Let’s get it straight, Richard.  You are un-cool.  You are dangerous to your party, and the fruit cake turns out to be you!

At least we know who you are going to pick on if you evict 13,000,000 undocumented workers from the country.  Fortunately, when clowns play the gay card the way you did, they lose credibility.  Most of us don’t like bullies.  You would think that includes the Tea Party!

I suspect the Gay, Lesbian and Transgender community sympathizes with undocumented immigrants because they both have something in common:  Little Richard Gheen hates you both!  The ugly hand of repression is well known to all those who suffer!

Let’s silence hate speech.  Let’s end the persecution against all people, including gays who wish to migrate here or who are here as undocumented workers.  Let's include people from a different country who speak a different language but are willing to learn.  Let’s pass comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) right now!

I would give you the You Tube site so you can see Little Richard’s hate speech first hand.  You have to know, he is probably making a percentage of every hit his ugly You Tube video gets.  Watch it and you put money in the hands of a bully!

Honestly, I think it is more than just making money.  I think Gheen is taking advantage of his friends.  I think Little Richard knows he is fighting for a lost cause and is using Alipac, a right wing anti-immigrant group, and the Tea Party movement, for his personal gain.  In the email sent to me in the name of Alipac, Gheen says:

“Our view count is to low to push this video and important messages into the top ranks on You tube” 

That is what Richard Gheen is all about.  He Says nasty things about the private lives of others to gain fame and fortune.  

National May Day Marches

Immigrants and their friends!

Multiple marches throughout the country!

All welcome, including Lindsey Graham and 
the Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Community! 

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