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Monday, April 26, 2010

MAY DAY! MAY DAY! MAY DAY! Immigration event!

May Day

Immigration rally

May Day

immigration march

May Day

immigration party

We are celebrating proposed immigration reform all over the
country!  Please come and join us in support of this magnificent cause.

Hear why:

  • Children of immigrants want to pass the Dream Act

  • Why the current immigration law breaks up families

  • Why Colorado and other agricultural based states have trouble attracting migrant workers

  • Why giving every person a driver’s license so they will have insurance and be identified makes a lot of sense

  • Why the proposed legislation is not amnesty

  • How the proposed law strengthens border security
  • How we plan to provide the labor needs for retiring baby boomers!
  • What happens during an ICE Raid
  • What the proposed law says about a path to citizenship
  • Personal stories
  • Why our range workers need help
  • What happens on the trail of tears from Mexico to the US

How immigration reform will benefit U.S. citizens, and why you should talk to your friends about the need for immigration reform
    Not all themes are discussed at all events, but you will get the flavor of all of these topics.  Learn about the needs of the immigrant community and how it will affect you!

    Most events are bi-lingual, something for everyone!

    The immigrant community welcomes your support!
    Join us and have some fun!


    Denver, Colorado
    Sunken Gardens
    11th and Speer
    May 1st
    12:00 a.m.

    B there


    If you see him
    Ask him to support immigration reform!

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