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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

May 1, hand 2 hand, city 2 city, street 2 street RIFA LEADS TO CIR ASAP! The Dream of 2010!

May First
Join Hands
Street 2 Street
Men+Women+Children+ Youth

washington dc solidarity
Candle light vigil in Washington D.C.

We will
Will Look Like


Find A

Arriba Rifa!

    You don’t have to be Hispanic to support comprehensive immigration reform.

    You don’t have to be an immigrant to protest the travesty of justice in Arizona.

     All you need is a belief that all people should be treated fairly in a land of justice!

     If you have not made up your mind then join us on May one.  Listen to the stories.  Take our hands in solidarity.  Help us bring the message of justice and equality to all in the land of the free!

Practice your Spanish*Meet the people*Don’t be afraid!

Be part of the civil rights movement of this era…if you miss it you will be kicking yourself for the rest of your life!  Tell your grandchildren you were there for the Dream in 2010!

     If you have made up your mind then we need you here with us, 1 de May.  Help tell the stories.  Help welcome the new comer to our rallies.  We will do together what no one person can do on his own.

Don’t rest on your Laurels!

dream activist 

Make the case for immigration reform in 2010~!
Be part of the Dream!

Love your neighbor like your brother!

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