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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Today we march RIFA, today we speak, today we ask America to call congress, RIFA Las Vegas we go!

We march…rifa


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A few weeks ago the topic of immigration was hard to find on the web.  Today, American has exploded with the voice of the silent majority that will be silent no longer.

RIFA, Reform Immigration For America speaks out…

Inspired Faith Effective Action

isnpired faith effective action rally2 


UUCP’s Immigration Task Force has partnered with the Arizona Advocacy Network (AAN) and RIFA Arizona in ramping up attention on comprehensive immigration reform and has crafted a presentation to be taken throughout Arizona.

The presentation is based on recommendations from RIFA and explains that many present immigration practices are unrealistic—we cannot deport 12 million people even if we wanted to(!) and that through our shared values we can work together to protect and value ALL families, including immigrant families. Si se puede!

Bill Lace, Immigration Task Force Chair

Citizen Orange

citzen orange

DreamActivist PA, in conjunction with the New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia and RIFA, sent a bus to the March for America yesterday to join the 200,000 people calling for comprehensive immigration reform from the National Mall in Washington, D.C. The bus was filled with students from Temple University and UPenn who had been mobilized by student leaders.

Lezget real

I am hoping that when the conference attendees get together and realize that the entire movement is screwed by lack of cohesive planning,  and piecemeal legislation, our brothers and sisters will, ‘carpe diem’ and all come to a simple conclusion – 2 words “OMNIBUS BILL.”   Amend the Civil Rights Act to include all Americans.   Melanie Nathan

lezgetreal permanent resident card

the color of my skin is gay

Michael Flores, Southern Nevada Chair FAIR

Michael Flores among the true believers: those convinced that with a lot of hard work, comprehensive immigration reform legislation could finally move forward in 2010, despite previous failures and the fact that Washington's attention is focused squarely on other issues.

“This is the time," said Flores, Southern Nevada director of Reform Immigration For America . "We're organized and we're not going to take no for an answer."

michael flores southern nevada director reform immigration for america

Reported in Las Vegas Review Journal

It is this kind of commitment that assures reform.  Good Job Michael!


Here we come

Las Vegas

April 10th


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