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Friday, March 26, 2010

ICE ANSWERS FREEDOM MARCH WITH MASSIVE CRACK DOWN Nearly 40 arrests shows ICE support for legal migration

37 arrested in San Diego area

enforcement surge 

Where is Barak Obama?

ICE brags about nabbing 59 year old Mexican National because she has a conviction 21 years ago.

       Here we go again, four days after the RIFA march on Washington, the biggest civil rights protest since Martin Luther King’s famous speech “I have a dream”, the ICE raids are back! Barak Obama has no control over the agencies he oversees if the recent action by ICE, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, is any indication.  The massive raid in San Diego started the day after the Reform Immigration For America (RIFA) March on the nation’s capital in support of fair immigration laws.
     RIFA seeks an end to abusive raids which terrify the immigrant the heart of god wants justice community.  Over 200,000 people showed up to voice their opinion Sunday, March 21st, 2010, and to protest exactly this kind of cattle round up.  These are 200,000 voices that went unheard.  Those voices are backed by millions.  Not all of them are Latino.

     It is clear ICE Leadership seeks to embarrass the President of the United States who supports immigration reform.  The message is, “ICE does not care what the President says, after all, he is only the commander and chief.  ICE leadership must oppose the comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) bill now in front of Congress.  Either that or they can’t read.

     With a Colombian style drug war on the US-Mexico border the likes of which the world has not seen since Pablo Escobar and Carlos Lender ran the Medellin Cartel, ICE has it’s hands full.  If they were not so intent on rounding up grand mothers they could devote more attention to the gangs that threaten Mexico and the US.  To their credit they have drug lords Vicente Zambaba, and Juaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, recent Mexican Drug Lords. 

The first pic is of Joaquin, the next pic is Carlos Lender whose character was depicted by “Carlos” in the movie “Blow”. 

vicente zambaba
     The big guys in the bullet proof vests who knock on the door in the middle of the night, a horrible reflection of the actions of a mad man from the 1940’s era, brag about catching a 59 year old abuela with a drug conviction which is 21 years old!

Carlitos lehder      “Excuse me, mam.  I couldn’t help but notice you broke the law 21 years ago.  Now, it does not matter to us that you may have rehabilitated yourself sometime during the past two decades.  Ja, Ja, I guess you must have or you would probably be dead!

     Anyway, by the way, don’t ya think those bullet proof vests we wear to protect ourselves from grand mothers like you are pretty cute?  Oh, and if you voted for Bush you made a big mistake!

     Now don’t worry, we don’t do cavity searches.  We leave that to the perverts who own the private ‘detention’ centers.  Now wave good by to the grand kids before I give you these pretty silver bracelets.”pablo escobar 
     To be fair to ICE, they don’t quite report it that way.  Here is there version:

     “Among those arrested by the San Diego-area teams was a 59-year-old Mexican female with a 1989 conviction in San Diego for possession of heroine for sale.”

     The press release is a disgrace considering it smears mud in the faces of so many who have given their heart and soul to a nation and receive knocks on the door in the middle of the night in return.  Of course, we should not attribute all of the disrespect for President Obama and the March on Washington to ICE.  The headline hungry Sheriff "Little Joe" Arpaio from Phoenix was busy with his own hoe down. 
Second two pics, Pablo Escobar, killed by Colombian Army, and Juaquin Guzman,
"El Chapo", recently caught by the good guys!

   Mexico_04_04_09_Grillo_Kingpins_Guzman(1)   ICE spokesperson, Robin Baker continues rubbing the salt into the wound. 
      "This enforcement action underscores ICE's commitment to strategic, effective immigration enforcement that enhances public safety,"

     I didn’t know Mexican abuelitas, grand mothers, with convictions 21 years ago, were a threat to national security. 

     "ICE will continue to target, arrest, and remove those who come to this country to pursue a life of crime rather than the American dream."’

     They must have worked pretty hard to track down granny.  No wonder we can’t find Osama Bin Laden.
     The Fugitive Operations Program was established in 2003 to eliminate the nation's backlog of immigration fugitives. Today, ICE has 104 FOTs deployed across the country, including three assigned to work cases in San Diego and Imperial counties.

     Let’s see, who was president in 2003?  I think it was George Walker Bush, a Republican.  By the way, according to my research, a   few Republicans are starting to re-think their closed-border, conservative thinking on immigration.  Republicans have always been good at counting.  It has taken a lot of years for them to count to 200,000, though.
 The ICE propaganda continues:\

     “Other initiatives that figure prominently in this effort are the Criminal Alien Program, Secure Communities and the agency's partnerships with state and local law enforcement agencies under 287(g).”
     It is the 287(g) program which got “Little Joe” Arpaio started on his witch hunt.  To ICE’s credit, they withdrew support from “Little Joe” after he started constructing tent camps to hold his victims and win free press.  On the other hand, the 287(g) program has allowed local law enforcement to terrorize the immigrant community.  Who is going to report a crime when local law enforcement is hunting you down?
 I have a little more sympathy for the ICE action against a three time convicted felon who got nearly 6 years in the penn for illegal re-entry.  Although, except for being separated from his family through the mid-night express to Mexico in 2004, he appears to be clean since 2000.  If they can ship granny home after 21 years clean, I guess they can ship Crisantos Almazan-Ibenez home after 10 years.

     By the way, if you are not doing anything this next holiday, I bet there are at least two families looking for father figures.  They might love to have the extra company.  Just don’t wear your bullet proof vest, if you have one.

 If you have committed a crime any time during the last 50 years, no matter whether you have rehabilitated yourself and are now an icon in your community;  If you have come back to support your wife and be a daddy to your children after being deported, best lay low.  Really low.  Santa Clause is coming to town.  “Little Joe” Arpaio is driving the sleigh with ICE just behind him!

  I don’t know if the people at ICE are trying to make the President of the United States look bad with an enforcement action on the heels of the RIFA march to Washington D.C.  The press release looks like someone is trying to CYA.  For my Spanish speaking readers who may not understand English slang, CYA means ‘Cover your ass!”.

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