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Monday, March 29, 2010

How to prepare for an immigration raid

As immigration reform comes before the US Congress pressure to expel immigrants likely will increase.  This happened before Amnesty went into effect during the Regan administration.

irma hernandez
Heroic Irma Hernandez 
 What you should do:
  • NEVER DISOBEY THE ORDERS OF ICE OR POLICE AT THE SCENE.  Do not resist.  If the officers make errors or break the law the time to solve the problem is with a judge.  Failure to cooperate can be grounds for additional penalties and loss of rights.

  • Provide your name if asked.

  • informationRemember names and badge numbers.  Try to stay calm.  You are a potential witness to everything that goes on during the raid.

bus Do not answer a knock on the door if you do not know who is at the door.  Remain quiet.

  • If an officer asks if he can come inside your house tell him no.  Tell him you do not want to speak with him any longer and shut the door.  If he has a warrant he will come in anyway.  If he does not have a warrant you are not required to let him in.
bus ii If the officer says he has a warrant ask to see the warrant.  Check to make sure he has the right address on the warrant.

  • bus iii Never present false documents.  Never say you are a citizen of the U.S. if you are not a citizen.
Being ready for an ICE raid is important. 

The NATIONAL IMMIGRATION LAW CENTER has some important tips.

If you witness an ice raid:
1.  Obey officers at the scene.
2.  Take pictures.  watching
  • Use your cell phone camera if you don’t have a camera with you. 
  • Use the video feature if you have one.
  • If an officer wants to confiscate your camera ask him for a receipt.  Get his name and badge number.
  • Ask your friends to use their cell phones to take pictures.

3.  Call radio stations and tv stations.  You can use 411 if you do not know the number.

4.  Offer to call the nearest relative of any under-age children who are not placed into custody or protective services.  Call the nearest relative of the any person you know who is placed into custody.child

How to Be Prepared for an Immigration Raid
In the event of a raid be sure to understand your rights:
 REMAIN SILENT, or tell the ICE agent that they want to remain silent.
 Ask to speak with a lawyer.
 NOT carry false documents.

 Carry a “know your rights” card (see

 Find out the name and phone number of a reliable immigration attorney and keep this
information with them at all times.

 Know their “alien registration number” (“A” number) if they have one, and write it down
someplace at home where their family members know where to find it.

 Prepare a form or document that authorizes another adult to care for their minor children.

stop raids 

  Advise family members who do not want to be questioned by ICE to stay away from the
place where the raid occurred or where a detained person is being held.

 NOT sign any documents without first speaking with a lawyer.

The majority of the photographs are from the Postville ICE raid.

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